Vitamin D And Testosterone

How Vitamin D Boosts Testosterone Production

Its been long believed that regular intake of Vitamin D has helped to boost natural testosterone levels, but it is only recently that its effects have been studied in clinical trials and officially confirmed.

How Much Vitamin D Should I Take

To help maintain our general health and our bones strong, the suggested daily dose is PN-vit-d-performance400iu ( International Units). Although this can be obtained from just 20 minutes exposure to the sun daily, many people do not live in countries that get sufficient daily sunshine to maintain the correct levels of Vitamin D.

The only issue is as well that when we do get good sunshine, what do we tend to do? cover ourselves in sunscreen which blocks the absorption of Vitamin D so we cannot win..

Testosterone Production And Vitamin D

The proven link between higher amounts of Vitamin D and increased testosterone has only just recently been recognized by bodybuilders..with most of us not getting anywhere near the required amount naturally, and with it not being found in our diet in any great quantities, more and more bodybuilders have been adding it to their daily supplementation.

Where Can In Find Vitamin D In A Testosterone Boosting Supplement

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