Testosterone Boosting Exercises

Exercise And Testosterone

Testosterone is the crucial male hormone that helps to develop lean muscle and strength. Increasing levels in the body can be greatly enhanced by the right bodybuilding exercises.  It is vital for any bodybuilder to get the correct balance between the two for maximum fitness and stamina.

When any bodybuilder is researching the best products to increase their testosterone levels, they need to look carefully in to what is safe to use.  Man made supplements and injections can be harmful with the possibility of dangerous side effects.  This does limit a bodybuilder’s options.

Natural testosterone supplements are fast becoming the preferred choice of bodybuilder’s and athletes alike. – A healthier way to build a better body.

However, there are also exercises that are beneficial and should be included in your training that can also help boost your testosterone supply.

Here Are Some Examples.. 

Heavy Lifting10209_NpAdvHover

When lifting heavy weights you not only build bigger muscles, you also encourage higher levels of testosterone production.  Make sure you do four to six at a time as opposed to more reps usually associated with lighter weights.  You will then help to produce Testosterone instead of Oestrogen.


Increased body fat is a by product of estrogen. By losing weight and reducing your

Body fat, you will produce a greater amount of Testosterone.  When estrogen is released into the body it blocks the production of testosterone and can prevent the body from successfully breaking down fat.

Swimming, cycling, running and rowing are great cardiovascular exercises and help you to lose weight as well as stimulate and increase Testosterone

Olympic Lifts

Olympic lifts are considered the best all round workouts to boost testosterone and increase production of growth hormones.  All variations should be used, not just snatch and cleans.

Push press exercises front squats and dead lifts will improve your physique and get you ready for Olympic lifts.  If you mix the correct diet and right exercise with a natural supplement, you will notice an improvement in muscle mass and testosterone production will be greatly improved.

Compound Exercises

male-testosteroneTo work the whole muscle group you should be doing compound exercises.  These include back rows, bench presses, shoulder presses, close grip and squats.  These are essential in producing increased Testosterone.

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