Health Benefits Of Body Building

How Body Building Improves Your Health

Although many of us ‘bodybuild’ simply for the buzz of looking good and the knowledge that we look fit, strong and ‘ripped’ it does have some far reaching health benefitsmens-health

Reduces Heart Disease

Bodybuilding is excellent at reducing both obesity and heart disease, by performing regular strenuous exercises, we will keep body fat to a minimum, and lose any excess weight that can strain our heart and vascular system. By lowering excess fat and working the heart daily, it helps to reduce any build up of toxins and fats in the blood vessels surrounding the heart which reduces the risk of vascular heart disease.

Body builders generally have lower blood pressure and reduced cholesterol levels when compared with those that do very little or no exercise.

Improves Mood

Exercising hard triggers the release of endorphins into the blood stream, these ‘feel good hormones’ help to reduce stress, depression and anxiety.

The visible effects of body building are also positive, with increased self confidence, your outlook on life is generally improved.

The Healthy Way To Lose Weight

While there are many fad diets that encourage people to lose weight quickly, many people see the excess weight return when they stop the diet. They can also led to other health problems such as low bone density which can lead to osteoporosis.

healthy-exercise-benefits_bsmBody building is a safe way of burning excess fat, at the same time strengthening your muscles, bones, and turning fat into lean muscle mass.

Eat More Healthily

Its not just supplements that help bodybuilders reach their desired goals, yes they have a crucial part to play but the foundation of successful body building comes from the correct diet.

Eating sensibly not only helps you to build stronger leaner muscles, it also helps you to maintain a sensible weight, maintain good health and live a better, happier life.