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Does EFX Test Charge XT Work

Test Charge XT is a naturally formulated testosterone booster manufactured in the USA by All America EFX. It has been formulated to help bodybuilders and athletes build bigger, stronger muscles.

This is a different type of supplement, the main product is liquid based, although it also comes with an anti estrogen pill that helps to reduce the increased levels of estrogen that are linked to elevated testosterone levels.test-charge-xt-30-days__32572.1407509342.1280.1280-246x300

Ingredients In Test Charge XT

The formula is called Taxadral, the main supplement is in liquid form and is made from a blend of natural extracts that looks more like a grocery shopping list:

  1. Soy Bean 20mg
  2. Pinus Sylvetsrius 100mg
  3. Spinach 25mg
  4. Artichoke 5mg
  5. Pottassium Sorbate
  6. Citric Acid
  7. Purified Water

The Anti Estrogen Pill contains

  1. Broccoli 25mg
  2. Cauliflower 25mg
  3. Soybean 110mg
  4. Artichoke 10mg
  5. Black Pepper 1mg
  6. Grapefruit 1mg
  7. Boric Acid 5mg
  8. Sorbitol
  9. Magnesium
  10. Silicone Dioxide

Taking Test Charge XT

Take one estrogen tablet before bedtime and take 1/2 ml of the liquid supplement twice a day ( morning and evening)

Users Feedback

Average at best, there are some users that swear by the product, but there are very few documented reports of increased gains.

We discovered that it has an unpleasant taste – cardboard mixed with cinnamon being a common description, and it also leaves a lingering aftertaste that is hard to shift.

Most users agree that this product is average at best

Any Side Effects?

Apart from the bad taste, there have been no reported side effects

Where To Buy Test Charge XT

Available online form numerous sources including amazon, expect to pay around $66.00 for 30 days supply

Cash Back Guarantee

None provided by manufacturer

Our Thoughts

The average reviews and the formula that looks more like a shopping list does not lead us to give this any kind of recommendation

We would suggest giving this one a miss and look elsewhere..

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