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New And Hopefully Improved

Musclepharm are a well established and generally reputable sports supplement manufacturer. Their original Testosterone booster Battle Fuel sold in its thousands across the world, and was used by athletes and bodybuilders all seeking improved strength and muscle mass.musclepharm_battle_fuel_xt

Battle Fuel was loved by many but was not without its critics, their new formula – Battle Fuel XT is supposed to address the few concerns that were a thorn it is side.

New Battle Fuel XT

The new formula is sold as ‘An Advanced 4 Stage Testosterone Support System’ that will ( it is claimed) enhance everything male in its users.


The formula is made from 4 proprietary blends

  1. Testosterone Amplifier – magnesium, Mucuna Pruriens and D-Aspartic Acid
  2. Testosterone Activator – N-Acetyl Carnitine, Curcuigo Orchiodes and Anacyclus Pyrethtrum.
  1. Anti-Aromotase And Estrogen Supression Matrix – Indole-3-carbonal and Diindolylmethane
  1. Muscle Growth Complex – Maca, Suma Extract and Propionyl Carnitine

The actual amounts of most ingredients are not stated, but we do know that it contains 3000mg DAA and 600iu Vitamin D

Taking Battle Fuel XT

Take 4 tablets twice a day ( morning and evening)

MP_BattleFuelXT_20ServUsers Feedback

As a still relatively new product, users reviews are not yet too common, the few people that we did speak to did ( we are pleased to report) spoke of improved strength and a slight increase in muscle mass.

The only adverse comment was taking 8 tabs a day – many users felt it was a lot to take

Any Side Effects

The original Battle Fuel was well known for its side effects that included stomach problems, wind, bad acne, mood swings and increased aggression – some users even reported irregular or racing heart rate.

The new formula appears ( so far) to have addressed these issues.

Where To Buy Battle Fuel XT

Readily available online, expect to pay between $30.00 and $59.99

Any Cash Back Guarantees

Regretfully, the makers do not value or trust their product enough (yet) to offer any type of guarantee.

Our Thoughts

MusclePharm do have a reputation for delivering good effective products, that said, new battle Fuel XT is still too new to really know if all the unpleasant side effects are now a thing of the past.

It does seem to have sorted all the issues and should be fine, but we feel that we have to hold off recommending it for a little while until more users feedback has filtered through.

Until then, why not check out our Top Three Rated Testosterone Boosters, these offer proven results, safe formulas and in the case of our #1 rated product, a unique 90 day cash back guarantee on all orders.

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